Celebrate Momentous Events
Special Occasions

A special event can be a milestone birthday, an anniversary party, a send off, and of course, that second wedding!  Our services always start with the creation of perfect menu for your celebration.  We’re also experts in planning your entire special event and creating a wonderful atmosphere for your occasion. It’s our forté!  We are here to collaborate on your event theme and curate all the entertainment and music for a truly lively and memorable gathering!

House Party

We offer private chef service for intimate gatherings. We design a menu and assign a chef to bring the ingredients and cook them in your house and serve you.

Special Venue

When you rent a venue for that special event and plan to provide everything from food to music we can swoop in a create an atmosphere that’s perfect for your occasion!

Tiny Weddings

We love tiny weddings and those 2nd ones too!  If you want to make your celebration as special as can be, we can make it happen!

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